Experience, Lean User-Centric Approach, and Very Flexible.

Who Are We?

We are the dreamers, the entrepreneurs, the visionaries, the hard working, the co-founders, the failures, the brave ... we are YOU!

Our DNA is mixed with entrepreneurship and we are all ex-startup founders partnering and employing talented experts in product design, UX/UI, software development, and complex backend infrastructures. We come from various backgrounds and share a common belief. Agnostic user-centric approach to product innovation with lean methodology. Meaning – “We will not build anything before we understand what you are solving.”

Meet the Founders

Our founding team started their journeys early in the corporate world. Transitioning to the private sector and after hard lessons and numerous ventures they come together to form SetupEdge.com. They both studied lean product development and have build companies with minimal resources. Understanding how to confirm assumptions cost-effectively have proven to be the core factor in identifying success with start-ups.

Konstantin Bozukov


Working with “A” Players

We source our experts from personal relationships and close collaboration with education institutions. We accommodate and blend our nerd-like culture and build extraordinary things because of our strong relationship and community.

our valued team members:


DevOps Architecture


Full Stack Developer


Project Manager


UX Development and Designer


UI & Graphics Design

Training and Improvement

We specialize in a narrow range of innovative techologies and take great effort to keep every project tech stack clean.

Reduce Cost

On avg. onboarding a dedicated team represents annualized saving of around 46% compared to an in-house team.

Top Talent

Paring extraordinary minds with visionary ideas and lean methodology is a strong foundation to build upon.

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