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Our experts take part in many key cutting edge performance and security projects. We continue to deliver solutions pondering with the benefits and used cases of performance technologies such as Angular & React; Node.js & Python

What is SetupEdge.com Dedicated Team Service?

Cultured Top Frontend & Full-stack software developers fitted to your project


Dedicated Team Brief

- Step One

We take the shortest possible time to deeply understand your vision and the root of the problem you are trying to solve. Urgent Deliverables are common one that our Project Team has been continually helping solve for many of our partners while the best Dedicated Team is fitted for long-turn campaigns.

Role Definitions

- Step Two

We begin this part by evaluating your internal strengths and applying external boost on the areas that need help and improvements at the current moment of the your timeline. We have build the agile structure that every successful product requires and we want you to benefit from it.


- Step Three

Carefully communicating with each process owner and leader enable the smooth transition of task executions, maintenance and new feature rollouts in a structured timeline.


- Step Four

Operations vary deeply at this level depending on the industry and project needs. From completely partner-sourcing your software development and maintenance department to running a small and flexible dev-shop team that proof concepts.


- Step Five

Preparedness for Planned and Unplanned scaling is big part of our methodology as we have experienced first-hand the challenges with identifying an opportunity and capitalizing on its scale potential.

Key Benefits

Proven Top Talent

SetupEdge.com handpick each team member and go extra length supporting and enabling him to become a real force in his field.

Reduce Cost & Risk

On average onboarding a dedicated team represents annualized saving of around 46% compared to an in-house team.

Training & Improvement

We specialize in narrow range of innovative technologies and take great effort t o keep every project tech stack clean and on the edge of innovation.

Focus on Growing The Business

Don’t lose sight of the BUSINESS perspective. Bringing key players on board from the begging gets the ball rolling safer and faster.


Our Clients

Oggie Penev - Founder of Realty Advisors

I am very happy to work with Setup Edge. The collaboration goes far beyond a standard software development: with them we have a sparring partner that challenges us in our product decisions and is truly passionate about the results developed. The level of professionalism and dedication is exceptional in this company and we are eager to strengthen our relationship in the future"

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Bulgaria as a Source of Talen

Bulgaria has a long history of solid tech education system spouting considerable number of leading experts. Our own roots in that system are one of our many unique EDGEs of our talent pool.

Top Talent

We facilitate and recruit experts from unique private education networks and provide nerd-for-nerds style environment to support the big brains behind amazing products.

Proven Track Record

Helping founders and leaders to develop something that leaves an echo in the industry has been our most cherished prize.

Business Mindset

As ex-startup founders with corporate background, the struggles on both sides are old acquaintances of ours. We understand that there are more parts to a successful product or service than technology, so we never lose sight of the business angle.

Ambiguous Approach

We worship your end-user needs above all else. We take the time to really understand your client's problems and guide you trough providing the best and simple solution there is.

Lean Product Development

Our belief in lean product development comes from building start ups from the ground up (and failing ;)) walking the journey of a dream-to-reality with very few resources. Deciding to include us in your special journey and allowing us to play a role in it's success story is the ultimate satisfaction we can receive.

Flexible Organizational Structure

Having worked with many founders and business leaders from various industries and backgrounds we have learned to adapt to challenging situations quickly. We have experience accommodating international and industry specific requirements to better serve our partners and clients.

Dedicated In-House Team

No Outsourcing. Period! We have cultured our team of experienced experts, product owners, project managers, designers and developers and directed a driving force in many success stories. We are committed to passing that experience to your story!

Development and Management

At SetupEdge.com we follow the highest established industry standards and keep a close eye on all emerging best practices.


    Agile is a development methodology based on the iterative and incremental model.


    Scrum project management employs an incremental approach for projects for quicker completion


    Kanban, is about envisioning the work, reducing work in progress, and increasing efficiency.


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