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COULD & DevOps

We cover all parts of the architecture. From setting up and deploying a Kubernetes Cluster, provisioning a managed database, developing and deploying the backend and frontend applications, adding micro-services, and connecting them via queues to full end-to-end testing, security configuration, and assessment.

DevOps expertise


Architect and deliver automated and self-sustaining infrastructures on all major cloud platforms.

Continous Integration

We minimize build time and enable seamless collaboration between development teams through the use of CI best practices.

Continuous Delivery

Increase release frequency and reliability with technologies that automate and streamline delivery.

Automated Testing

Strategic automation of quality assurance and testing detects issues early, enables continuous deployment, and improves system health.

Configuration Management

Automate repetitive tasks to remove human error and optimize cloud infrastructure using tools like Jenkins and Docker.


Leverage best-in-class technologies like Kubernetes to deploy your software quickly and efficiently.

Agile Development

We design and build products in an agile, iterative manner to deliver value quickly and establish scalable, flexible development processes.

24x7 Support

Around-the-clock coverage from cloud-certified engineers to ensure optimal performance and continuous security.


Our reporting metrics and dashboards enable you to make data-driven decisions and deliver value to yout customers faster.

Development and Management

At SetupEdge.com we follow the highest established industry standards and keep a close eye on all emerging best practices.


    Agile is a development methodology based on the iterative and incremental model.


    Scrum project management employs an incremental approach for projects for quicker completion


    Kanban, is about envisioning the work, reducing work in progress, and increasing efficiency.

CLOUD & DevOps


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