Blockchain Development

Blockchain is a technology for decentralized data storage and exchange. All data is stored on cryptographically protected chains on a peer-to-peer netowrk.

High-end network for utilizing smart contracts and decentralized apps.

Reliable. Scalable. Cost-effective.

Development and Management

At SetupEdge.com we follow the highest established industry standards and keep a close eye on all emerging best practices.


    Agile is a development methodology based on the iterative and incremental model.


    Scrum project management employs an incremental approach for projects for quicker completion


    Kanban, is about envisioning the work, reducing work in progress, and increasing efficiency.

Project Analysis

- Step One

The project manager discusses the task with the customer. Based on that discussion he prepares a plan for research and market analysis. Depending on the complexity of the task, this is done either directly by the manager, by business analyst or marketer. Based on the results of the above mentioned analytical work, the project manager offers the client suitable solutions, draws up a work plan and schedule, invites designers and developers with the necessary level of competence.

Role Definitions

- Step Two

We begin this part by evaluating your internal strengths and applying external boost on the areas that need help and improvements at the current moment of the your timeline. We have build the agile structure that every successful product requires and we want you to benefit from it.

Detail Scope

- Step Three

With everything we know about you and your project. We will create a detailed scope of your product.


- Step Four

Operations vary deeply at this level depending on the industry and project needs. Backend to Frontend our software engineers will be completing development cycle phases and deliver features and modules for testing.


- Step Five

Upon testing completion, the team deploys and implements the solution, conducts training for admins. If the customer is interested in the further development of the product and needs professional support, the parties continue to cooperate for subsequent maintenance and service. Preparedness for planned and unplanned scaling is big part of our methodology as we have experienced first-hand the challenges with identifying an opportunity and capitalizing on its scale potential.


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