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Machine-Learning based background check with 100% accurate data extracted from multiple social or media sources.


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Social Media Intelligence

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Stand Alone API for Data Extraction

or use the new v2.0 API with Machine Learning Analysis

Data Profiling in Real Time

Trainable AI models for category mapping, tagging and classification.

Instagram API

Aggragate image data through Instagram API

Twitter API

Aggregate media news or tweets from Twitter API

LinkedIn API

Full API integration.

Facebook API

Full API integrations with no limitations.


Data aggregation

We aggregate data from over 25 primary media and social media sources. 100% accurate and real time.

Data Extraction

Our REST APIs using OCR Technology allows extracton of any content from any type of image.

Data Profiling

We can help you automate profile data aggregation and analysis in real time.

API Development

Custom API solutions with custom data sources.

Machine Learning

- more accurate results

We have invested hundreds of hours in developing and training well working Machine Learning models helping businesses to classify, extract or analyze data that they extract through our REST APIs. Our machine learning models can be associated with tagging, categories mapping or phrases allowing businesses to automatically categorize the data and classify as relevant or not relevant for their needs.


- Analyze thousands of images or video in real time

Our OCR solutions allows you to analyze, tag and extract meaningful information from images or videos. We connect the tagging and information into categories and we can automatically detect good or bad content of the videos or images. Facial recognition is another service that we provide which allows you to make a real time search by name and photo and our service allows you match a person across various databases.

Speech to Text

- Get any language converted into text

We specialize in building technology for converting speech to text and analyze the sentiment of this content. Our APIs can help businesses measure the tone, the way people communicate and if the quality of the call was good enough for the end client.

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    1. What is a Social Media Activity Report?

    We extract all available history-to-real time data from FACEBOOK, LINKEDIN, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM for specific candidate name, email and/or phone number. We use our trainable machine-learning model to identify positive and negative activities.

    2. How far back can you search?

    We have no limitation on the the time period. As long as the data is available/stored from the platform, we can retrieve it and analyze it.

    3. Do you have a minimum checks requirement?

    Yes, unfortunately we have a minimum 1000 checks per month per client. The security of the process and the infrastructure involved are preventing us to remove it for now.